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 portacabin manufacturers

Portacabin Manufacturers

JSR CABINS was established in 1997. We are leading manufacturers of portacabins, readymade rooms, farm houses, porta kitchens, prefabricated gyms, parlours, educational institutions and toilets. Now with fifteen years of trading experience the company has scaled heights of success. We lay emphasis on recognizing correct interpretation of customer’s requirement in order to provide high quality and specialized products through a dedicated and experience team. These cabins are best option for areas where construction is not allowed.
Quality is our first concern”. Customer’s satisfaction is our desideratum and quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what customer gets out and is willing to pay for. We provide best quality products.



Walls: The walls shall be made up of 62mm thick cement fibre board on both sides in between thermocole of 50mmthick.      
Roof:  62mm thick insulated roof Panels 6mm thick B.W.P. grade ply on both the sides with profile  sheet on top of the roof.
Doors:  Aluminium or flush
Window:  Aluminium sliding window is made with 4mm of glass.
Floor: Floor shall be raised above the ground level 6″ to 8″ on cement platform or any other.

JSR GUARD HUTS (6’X4′ , 4′ X 4′) (Any size as per customer’s


WALLS: Walls shall be made up of BWP Marine Grade Ply Board 6mm thick.
ROOF: Roof shall be made up of BWP Marine Grade Ply Board 6mm thick with insulation of thermocole.

FLOOR: Floor shall be made up of BWP MARINE GRADE PLY 12mm thick with resting on MS Tubular pipes.

For more information please contact us on  jsrcabins18@gmail.com or call us at : 9810075429, 9910075429

Visit us : www.portacabinmanufacturers.in


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