portacabin, portacabin manufacturers in panipat/karnal/ludhiana/jalandhar/Punjab


Portacabin Manufacturers                                CALL US : 9810075429

Porta Cabins area unit classified as temporary structures with the advantage of quality, re-usability while not discounting the sturdiness.

Porta Cabin Utilities:

Site Office
Guest House
Temporary Rooms
Store House
Farm House
Hilly space area unit adorned with passageway Cabins



Why to GO for it:

  • Easy to mend and Dismantle
  • Unlike Civil construction it is  takes less time and not as messsy as civil constructions
  • It falls in category of  “Kuchha construction”,  so wherever construction is prohibited you can go ahead with it.
  • Low Maintenance cost


Our new portacabin in RANIKHET



For more details Visit us at : www.portacabinmanufacturers.in

call us at :  9810075429

mail us at: jsrcabins18@gmail.com


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